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    Q: What is Good Enough For Video Games?

    A: Good Enough For Video Games (or GEFVG for short) is a podcast in which some friends and I (some on the Four Sided Fantasy development team, some not) talk about games and other stuff in our lives.

    Q: How do I listen to it?

    A: There are multiple ways in which you can listen to the podcast:
    Subscribe on iTunes
    Twitch Stream (typically at 7:30pm PST on Sunday)

    Q: Who exactly is on the podcast?

    A: The main contributors to the podcast are:
    Logan Fieth (myself), Lead Designer on Four Sided Fantasy
    Alek Hiebert, Assistant Designer and Guest Musician on Four Sided Fantasy
    Doug Zwick, Texture Offset Consultant on Four Sided Fantasy

    Every now and then we will have a guest developer from the area on the show.

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    Is the show clean of strong language, and if not, can you make it so?



    Hi Kable! We don’t have any rules against strong language on the podcast. I feel that this is more accommodating to guests who feel like saying what’s on their mind. The podcast is marked as explicit on iTunes, so there shouldn’t be any surprises for our listeners.

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